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Name Dr. Chrystalynn Brown
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Testimonial I was baptized in August 1977 at Weatherford Memorial Baptist Church in south Richmond. After that I bounced around to different churches with my mother. I would go to the weekly Bible study groups. I was actually kicked out of one because I questioned what was being taught. It didn't agree with what the Bible said. All this was happening while I was trying to confront who I was on the inside. Jump ahead to the future. I studied many courses and even took a Rabinical Study of the Torah (The first 5 books of the Bible). I was ordained with Universal Life Church and even earned the Honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2003. I formed Narrow Gate Assembly in 2006, after teaching others for 3 years that what alot of preachers are teaching from the pulpit is simply no in line with what scripture really says. Narrow Gate Assembly went online in 2008. It has struggled over the years, but is finally seeing the "Fruits of the Labors." I truly believe that it will come to be one of the best messianic/spiritual organizations in the near future. Where the others fail because of their exclusiveness, we will gain from our inclusiveness. We welcome all!